Well, i have decided that i need to actually write something on my blog…i’ve only had it since what January?

The last few months have been an incredible journey for my wife and I being able to be in the studio with producer Derek Elliotson on Friday afternoons drinking Starbucks and recording original tunes. Its been a really rich time spending that time with my wife, who has been so supportive to this process. She has been encouraging me to do this for years.

In our life, my specific roles outside of the house have made it challenging to ‘work’ together. However, with the CD project we’ve been together every step of the way…what a privilege. We even wrote a song together.

As much as I’m excited about the CD coming out and everyone hearing it, I’m even more excited when I think about what this project represents for me and my wife. Its like in the Bible in the Old Testament, when God taught them something, or revealed Himself in a new way, they would build a monument and name the place related to what God had done. This CD for us will be about the songs that were stirred in my heart, but also what was built in our lives together…for that I am ever grateful to You Lord. Thank You.


About Andrew Thompson

Son,husband,dad of 3...& worship leader/musical/creative/logistical manager (assistant pastor) at WellSpring Community Church in Welland, ON, Canada. Worship Leader for Promise Keepers Canada.
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  1. Ray says:

    Thats awesome Andrew, it’s an encouragement to me to see God blessing you, your wife and family. Be sure to have lots of fun with this new chapter in your life.

    PS – I just realised the werdna was andrew spelled backwards… doh!!!


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