CD Release Party/Anniversary

I’m not sure exactly how to express what the last 2 days have been like but that’s what I’m guna try to do in this blog…:)

Last night – Oct 14 was the CD release party for my first CD called ‘The God Who Sees’.

Today – Oct 15 is the 18th wedding anniversary for Anita and me.

Last Night –I’m so grateful to all those who where able to make it to the party and concert last night, enjoyed it via live stream, and to all those who couldn’t attend but sent encouraging words. It was a really wonderful night, where these simple prayers, that were set to song came to life. I was really humbled first by the sense of God’s presence, and by the reaction of those at the concert. It was kind of overwhelming, surreal, and fantastic all at the same time. How God blesses us for being obedient to Him, when He already knows its for our best, is astounding to me. I’m amazed by the sense that our Father God is smiling, because He knew how much I would enjoy sharing these simple prayers in song, live and on CD. Most importantly, I’m overcome by the sense that He’s smiling too because these songs remind me; remind us of how great He alone, ‘The God Who Sees’, really is.

Today, is just as incredible, actually more. Today I’m back to my ‘real’ world, the world where I live and breathe every day, and wake up with bad breath, messy hair, and early am paper routes with my 3 kids – Noah, Hannah, and Ella. Most importantly, today, Monday Oct 15, I woke up next to my incredible wife Anita, to celebrate 18 years of marriage. We have shared a pretty remarkable life together. This year, after much encouragement from Anita, we spent many Friday’s together with Derek Elliotson in his studio recording the CD. Anita who dances but doesn’t sing, was just as much a part of this project as me, in fact we co-wrote one of the songs on the CD, which Robin Mark sings with me. As we talked over coffee today, I shared with her that though she was in the audience I felt like she was up on stage with me, and that doing a CD now at this stage in our lives, afforded us the opportunity to accomplish this project together. It wasn’t just about making a CD but it was about sharing our lives together, sharing our hearts, and working towards a goal together. It has created strength and not strain in our marriage. We got to celebrate what happened last night and this year – today on our anniversaryTOGETHER.  We are forever grateful. Thank You Lord.


About Andrew Thompson

Son,husband,dad of 3...& worship leader/musical/creative/logistical manager (assistant pastor) at WellSpring Community Church in Welland, ON, Canada. Worship Leader for Promise Keepers Canada.
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5 Responses to CD Release Party/Anniversary

  1. Jon Manna says:

    Hey bro! Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t able to make it last night but I wanted to let you know I’m proud of you bro! Praying God’s richest blessings on your family and ministry!

  2. Hey bro! Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t able to make it last night but I wanted to let you know I’m proud of you bro! Praying God’s richest blessings on your family and ministry!

  3. That’s awesome that you and Anita can share authorship of this CD, just like you do with the rest of life. A spouse who loves God is such a blessing!

    Aaron and I couldn’t be there last night but we asked Steve and Joyce to get a CD for us. We’re looking forward to listening to it!

    Wanda Bolhous

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