Promise Keepers 2012 – 2013

Tonight as i’m writing, i’m sitting in Calgary,AB airport waiting for my last flight of the season home, after serving Promise Keepers Canada, this time in Cranbrook, BC. I have served PKC as the National Worship Leader, in 13 events across Canada. It has been an overwhelming privilege to play this role, and to serve the men of Canada that have attended. A number of things struck me about this season that i wanted to share.

In each of the 13 events, I worked with a different band in each city. I’m incredibly grateful to the men that served along side me in each city, that played skillfully, and with servant hearts to lift up the name of Jesus. Over and over again we saw men turn their hearts and lives to Christ, we watched them respond as they discovered for the first time or remembered the greatness of Christ and His love. We were humbled to experience the whole hearted worship of Jesus, and at times were bystanders as they overwhelmed us with their enthusiastic engagement. There were a number of songs in each weekend that gave voice to depths of their souls, but in each event there was one song that stood out among them all. I hope to someday thank the co-writers of this song b/c i would want them to know the impact that this song had on the men across the country of Canada. Over and over we heard men sing overwhelmingly with full voice – 10000 Reasons…
Bless The Lord oh my soul, oh my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before, oh my soul
I’ll worship Your holy name

There were times when the men’s voices overtook the band, times when the men began to sing the song spontaneously, times when no music or worship leader was required b/c the men had made the song their own. It often was an emotional experience, but it was more than that, as it was men willfully engaging in worship to The Lord Jesus because this song gave them a vehicle and a voice to do so. Time after time we watch and listened in amazement as men ‘sang like never before’ to ‘worship His holy name’. I am forever grateful to be to have experienced this – men worship Christ with all they had…lifting the name of Christ in the room and in their own lives.

I would like to thank a few other people for the opportunity to experience this…
My wife Anita – served the men of Canada each w/e i was away – giving me up and praying for them
My children – Noah, Hannah, Ella, for their sacrifice of time
Kirk Giles – President of PKC for this opportunity and encouragement.
Rick Verkerk – National Events Manager for partnering with me on song lists, facilitating great events, great team work on and off the stage, and for your encouragement.
Mark Garner – for every seen and unseen act of service before, during, and after each event, especially the many trips to and from airports in snow, ice, rain, and even sun 🙂

To The Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity to serve your heart for the men of this country, in the form of the ministry of Promise Keepers Canada, and for the joy of witnessing your presence resident in the transformed lives of men across this country. I am incredible humbled and grateful for this privilege, that you were able to work in and through me to bring honour to Your name. You alone deserve the honour and glory.


About Andrew Thompson

Son,husband,dad of 3...& worship leader/musical/creative/logistical manager (assistant pastor) at WellSpring Community Church in Welland, ON, Canada. Worship Leader for Promise Keepers Canada.
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