MWS – he didn’t meet my expectations :)

MWS & ME Today I went to Paris, ON, thanks to David C. Cook, to a special invite gathering to listen to  Michael W. Smith share about his new album. I was grateful to be invited, but in the midst of some other things keeping me busy, I was asking myself while I was driving today why was I going? Have I really got time for this? I’m sure I could be doing something more productive.

I told myself, that perhaps I’d see some of my worship pastor friends or connect with some new ones, and catch up or have some productive conversations but I wasn’t expecting much else. I have enjoyed Michael ‘s music, in fact it was some of the first ‘tape’s and ‘CD’s I had.

Michael arrived and began to share with us about his life, and his journey and what amazed me was his openness of heart and humility. He bashfully expressed his gratitude for God’s grace and favour on his life, amazed at what God has done. Stories of his family, struggles, and victories weaved into the narrative of his journey, and how Christ has worked in his life. As he shared, it was clearly evident that over his 30 year career in music that Jesus was more real to him than ever before.

That was probably best captured when he began to play video segments of his newest CD/DVD release. Song after song after song, was powerful, moving, inspiring, and full of God’s presence. It was really remarkable that Michael, along with others in the room, was moved to tears by the power of the songs he shared even while watching himself on video, as if experiencing it for the first time.

Today, and specifically Michael didn’t meet my expectations, he exceeded them. I found Michael to be real, genuine, down to earth, humble, sincere, and passionate. He has a profound gift from God that he uses to bless others in many ways. Today he used it to be a blessing in my life, and I’m incredible grateful.


About Andrew Thompson

Son,husband,dad of 3...& worship leader/musical/creative/logistical manager (assistant pastor) at WellSpring Community Church in Welland, ON, Canada. Worship Leader for Promise Keepers Canada.
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